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herbal remediesiherb.com offers herbal supplements as well as health care and personal care products. You could also get attractive discounts when you use iherb coupons. But before you hurry to iherb.com I should know why herbal products are always better than synthetic ones. In this article we have discussed herbal supplements but it is more or less true for all other products.

Artificial supplements manufactured in pharmaceutical sectors, was once your best option for health supplements available in the market. However nowadays, things have changed a lot for the good. Today more and more people are preferring traditional herbal supplements over the conventional ones. Once the market share of herbal supplements in the US market was less than 5% but in 2012 the market share was reported to have increased remarkably to about 25%. Now, why do you think the use of herbal supplements is on the rise? I guess most of us know the answer – herbal supplements are increasingly becoming the favorite choice of customers due to the fact that they have no or minimal side effects and at the same time being very effective.

A change In awareness towards natural herbal products have resulted in an increased sales in these products worldwide. As opposed to the myth that herbal supplements are simply dependent on conventional trial and error means, major herbal corporations around the globe use advanced research facilities to ascertain the performance of these supplements. Nevertheless it should be kept in mind that the dependability of standard herbal supplements has been confirmed even by up-to-date research. It really is no wonder that herbs like ginseng, which was considered to be just a traditional medicine, is currently being taken extensively as a preferred herbal medicine, following the contemporary marketing of its numerous overall health benefits.

In comparison to manufactured supplements, herbal supplements are proven to possess distinctive natural advantages like much lower side effects or no side effects at all, nutrients that occur naturally and last but not the least, affordable. On the other hand, artificial supplements, although priced a few times more than herbal supplements, are widely known to have side effects affecting the consumer.

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